top of page competition - update 2022-10-31

My guiding quote for this week:

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Steve Jobs Apple Computers

My previous week plan

  • I wanted to progress with MVP coding by strong number (aiming for 4%)

  • To create interesting content and post on socialmedia accounts

Current week report

  • I progressed strongly with MVP development - at least 4% closer towards the goal! The work covers:

    • API endpoints created: 3

    • API endpoints updated: 5

    • Frontend components created: 2

    • Frontend components updated: 7

    • On-the-go refactoring

  • I purchased Linkedin Business Premium account, to look for leads over this medium

  • I added socialmedia icons to the website

  • I did not post on socialmedia accounts - having in mind that communication needs to be meaningful and created with clear intention, and focused on MVP coding. I decided to skip this week.

My next week plan

  • I want to progress steadily with MVP coding substantially by 3% to 5%

  • I want to maintain balance between coding and other activities pre-launching (like manging social media accounts)

  • Create interesting content and post on socialmedia accounts

  • Create Linkedin product page

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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