top of page competition - update 2022-10-24

My guiding quote for this week:

“That's a wonderful journey, joining courage to go beyond known borders with humility to accept change and outcome of self-discovery” Adam Okon Entrepreneur | The Dragonfly App :)

My previous week plan

I have gone through the crisis after 5 months spent in Pioneer competition.

As all crisises it had healing potential, and I took advantage of it.

I thought trough my situation and my dream, which is starting The Dragonfly service, and I found a solution that I plan to implement from now on.

My new plan is to commit daily time on my project, instead of on-two day sprints during the week.

Current week report

  • I recovered from mental and emotional disturbance caused by the crisis

  • I realized that that is 100% true that crisis have healing potential. Most of changes has ignition in discomfort.

  • I progressed with MVP coding by ca 4%

  • I cleared socialmedia accounts from spam followers

My next week plan

  • I want to progress with MVP coding by strong number (aiming for 4%)

  • Create interesting content and post on socialmedia accounts

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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