top of page competition - update 2022-06-13

This week update is about the Dragonfly website and MVP development progress.

Opening with quote for this week:

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will Stephen King Writer

My previous week plan

  • Gather feedback about the website and apply valuable comments.

  • Progress with MVP redevelopment by 5%

Current week report

  • Gather feedback about the website and apply valuable comments - DONE

  • Progress with MVP redevelopment by 5% - DONE

List of website changes:

  • The website changed its address from previous: to Thank you for new domain idea!

  • I moved "About Dragonfly" content to the mainpage and linked as an anchor Thank you Nathan for valuable suggestions!

  • I changed some texts and headers

  • I reiterated the logo with designer and I am finally happy with the result

The Dragonfly App MVP redevelopment progress:

  • I have applied another framework update

  • I have developed 5 new API endpoints

  • I have completed order creation screen along with price calculation feature

Have a great week everybody!

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