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Printing house management

The best management software for small and medium digital printing houses.

Digital printing house management

Your ERP / MIS class application.


Order workflow management

Either you have one or multiple workflow paths for your orders, The Dragonfly will support you, as it is flexible, and you choose steps for your orders.

All the steps available are optimized for printing industry, and you are free to create as many as you wish too.

Machine park management

All your hardware inventory that you use to provide printing services is handled by The Dragonfly.

This includes availability scheduler, parameters holder, that is used for price estimation and production planning.

Production planning

With The Dragonfly you get functional production planner, that automatically predicts your availability and delivery time.

...and more

See the full list of functionalities provided by The Dragonfly - the best ERP / MIS software for your digital printing house

Work reporting

All employees, at all production steps report their job using metrics that are most useful to track their workload and the steps handled for each of the orders.

Let's give your business what it needs to grow.

About The Dragonfly

What is The Dragonfly?

The Dragonfly App is ERP / MIS class application.
The first version of the application was created more than 10 years ago, built for customers from the printing industry.
It has come a long way since then, extended and improved while tested in real life scenarios, growing together with our client's company.

Who The Dragonfly is for?

Our application is dedicated to digital printing houses, providing custom printing services. In the near future it will also support 3d printing services.


What The Dragonfly can do?

  • customizable orders workflow management

  • clients management

  • machine park management

  • printing substrates warehouse management

  • production planning

  • cost estimation / price calculation

  • work reporting

  • statistic reports

  • web-to-print integration

  • documents generation

  • ... and more

How can I use it?

The Dragonfly App is accessible through your web browser and dedicated client desktop application.

The mobile application client with limited functionality will be also available.

When The Dragonfly will be available?

We plan to open registrations in spring 2023.

Is my data secure?

It is secured on multiple levels.
Database is backed up daily.
The infrastructure is redundant and your service will be run off a recovery center if the main one would fail.

How much does it cost?

We are in the process of preparation of the best offer we can provide.

One of our main goals is to make our product widely available, so expect attractive pricing!

Please stay tuned for updates by joining the waiting list!

About Us

Our professional experience started back in 20th century, when we discovered digital ways of expression for our needs to create.

Since then we have been working on many projects and met many people, among them people from printing industry.


This is how The Dragonfly App was born in 2010, evolving through numerous iterations to its current shape - agile, functional and beautiful, as the real dragonflies are.

We are glad and proud to offer our product to you made with passion and love to creation.

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